Event Highlights: Director Panels on Granblue Fantasy: Relink

The original mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy is turning 10 in 2024. This year and next, the Granblue universe is expanding with the release of two new console titles: the first being the fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (GBVSR), followed by the action RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink (Relink).
At a combined press event in early August, the directors of both games gave presentations, interviews, and gameplay demonstrations on their respective titles.

For this article, the staff at Cygames Magazine have put together a recap of our top Relink highlights from the event!

Embark on a new journey in the Zegagrande SkydomーComing Soon in Relink

Unpacking the Adventure: Story, Setting, and Characters

Granblue is set in a world of floating islands where you and your crew explore the sky in search of the legendary Island of the Astrals, Estalucia. In Relink, the crew find themselves in the brand-new Zegagrande Skydom encountering a number of brand-new faces: powerful primal beasts and characters original to Relink, like the mysterious swordsman Id and the handy fixer-upper Rolan.

Id with a girl who looks an awful lot like Lyria. Who is she?

The Relink team has worked to make the new title exciting and easy to pick up, whether a player’s been exploring the skydoms for a decade, or is embarking on their very first Granblue voyage.

Granblue characters that skyfarers know and love—ready for a new journey.

(TIP: “Skyfarers” are adventurers in the Granblue universe, like the player and their airship crew!)

Something for Everyone—Action Buffs and Beginners Alike!

1. Flexible Control Styles

Players can hand off combat duties to the CPU by enabling Assist Mode or Full Assist Mode. Full Assist Mode takes care of dodging, guarding, and attacking—just move the character and they’ll do the rest. Assist Mode keeps attacks in the hands of the player, with simplified inputs. Either mode can be used to clear the story, allowing players to enjoy the game however they want!
The main story is estimated to take around 20 hours to complete, with post-game content bringing the total playtime to around 30 to 40 hours.

2. Ample Side Content

Relink will have collectibles and over 100 quests—with some rare weapons to find for those who brave the most difficult adventures. There’s something for everyone— whether you’re a collector, completionist, or a challenge seeker.

What’s in Relink—that’s a lot of gameplay!

Gameplay Details

There are a multitude of characters to control, each with their own unique playstyle. Tackle battles with up to three CPU allies and coordinate with them to launch link attacks. Like in the mobile game, players can “chain” together ultimate attacks called Skybound Arts with other party members to trigger a chain burst. Moreover, battle banter is fully voiced!

Examples of a link attack (left) and a full-party chain burst, aka “full burst” (right).

The Relink team developed each character to be unique in their moves and actions. Their goal was to make the player feel as if they were experiencing the game anew every time they chose a different character to play.

Check out these moves. It’ll be hard to pick a main!

Players will be able to fine-tune their playstyle further with Relink’s character customization. Unlock new skills through the Masteries system, or mix up equippable weapons and sigils. With so many characters and combinations to choose from, part of the fun will be exploring what works best for you.

Talk about your favorite builds with fellow skyfarers!

What We Love: The Environment Art!

Lastly, we wanted to show off something that caught our staff’s eye—Relink’s lovely environments. The Relink team put a ton of passion into bringing the world of Granblue to life, even going so far as to hand-draw textures for every background object. The distinctive mood of each island and region showcases just how vast and special the Sky Realm truly is!

Did you know that every cloud is actually modeled differently? That’s taking cloud gazing in a video game to a whole new level!

Our Thoughts on the Relink Demo

From the Editor
I was blown away by how expansive the characters’ voice interactions were. It felt like there was always something going on, and I really got the sense that party members were actually there fighting alongside me!
I can’t wait to do things like take control of Proto Bahamut or square off against primal beasts in big boss battles as was hinted at in Relink’s release date trailer.
Get pumped for fights of epic proportions!

Relink’s Release Date

Relink’s release is planned for February 1, 2024. We hope you’re looking forward to it!

Keep your eyes on Rising’s and Relink’s official accounts for more info drops. If you haven’t watched it yet, the showcase video has English subs!

*Enable English subs from the video player settings.

That wraps up our report on Relink! With Granblue’s 10th anniversary looming on the horizon, the sky’s the limit for all the fun that awaits!
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