• 2019.12.17

    The Latest Cygames Title! What Makes World Flipper so Fun to Play?

  • 2019.12.10

    Interview with Senior Engineers: Stories behind the Founding of Osaka Cygames and its Goals

  • 2019.11.11

    A Chat between Illustrators from Cygames & Kusanagi!

  • 2019.10.28

    “The Improvement Guys” in Cygames: Introducing two key departments that support the company and content!

  • 2019.10.08

    An Interview with Shadowverse’s Director: Development of a Digital Card Game with Over 21 Million Downloads

  • 2019.09.02

    Employing human resources capable of defying convention in the audio industry! The ultimate in audio production that Cyg...

  • 2019.08.26

    The reason Princess Connect R has such incredible audio & the high audio production quality that Cygames seeks to a...

  • 2019.08.13

    Zombie Land Saga Second Season Confirmed! We spoke with the producer of Zombie Land Saga for a behind-t...

  • 2019.06.24

    Full speed ahead! Catching up with the production team about Cygames’s first AAA title, Project Awakening!

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    Employing human reso…


    The reason Princess…


    Zombie Land Saga Sec…