• 2020.11.30

    World Flipper a Year In: Looking Back on Working from the Player’s Perspective

  • 2020.10.28

    Adorably Diminutive: Livening up the world of Princess Connect! Re: Dive

  • 2020.10.12

    Team Cygames’ 5-Year Anniversary: A Closer Look Into Cygames-sponsored MTG Team

  • 2020.09.01

    Rage of Bahamut Celebrates 9 Years! We Take an In-Depth Look at RoB’s Unique Cast of Characters!

  • 2020.07.20

    Bringing Cygames to the World! Asian Business Development on Regional Operation Optimization!

  • 2020.06.22

    Celebrating Shadowverse’s 4th Birthday! How Shadowverse’s Storyline Enriches the Game and how the Scenario T...

  • 2020.06.01

    Bringing a diverse group of characters together: creating the world of World Flipper

  • 2020.05.29

    An interview with the producer of Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle—an upcoming title for the Nintendo Switch in the ...

  • 2020.03.23

    The Secrets of Content Design and What UI Designers Aim For: The UI Design That Forms the Foundation of the World of Gra...

  • 2020.03.16

    What’s Changed and What Hasn’t Over the Six Years Since Launch: The UI Design That Forms the Foundation of t...

  • 2020.02.26

    Q&A with the Princess Connect! Re: Dive Art Team! Part 2: Behind the scenes with the creators on the events so far,...

  • 2020.02.25

    Q&A with the Princess Connect Re: Dive Art Team! Part 1: Always Be Playful! On the spirit of a creator and producin...

  • 2020.02.20

    Tetsuya Fukuhara—Creative Director of Granblue Fantasy: Versus—Shares Behind-the-Scenes Secrets and His Thoughts About t...

  • 2019.12.17

    The Latest Cygames Title! What Makes World Flipper so Fun to Play?

  • 2019.12.10

    Interview with Senior Engineers: Stories behind the Founding of Osaka Cygames and its Goals

  • 2019.11.11

    A Chat between Illustrators from Cygames & Kusanagi!

  • 2019.10.28

    “The Improvement Guys” in Cygames: Introducing two key departments that support the company and content!

  • 2019.10.08

    An Interview with Shadowverse’s Director: Development of a Digital Card Game with Over 21 Million Downloads

  • 2019.09.02

    Employing human resources capable of defying convention in the audio industry! The ultimate in audio production that Cyg...

  • 2019.08.26

    The reason Princess Connect R has such incredible audio & the high audio production quality that Cygames seeks to a...




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